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Our culture

Working for us What it means

Through clear communication, passion for what we do and living our core values, we’ve created a company culture that ensures everyone is appreciated, nurtured and motivated. We’re committed to making The Athenaeum an inspiring and exciting place to work, where you can feel at home and be yourself. #StayIndividual


Our Values

Warm & Thoughtful

We take care of each other and offer a genuine welcome to all. We set people up to succeed and listen to what our teams have to say. We celebrate success and bring the fun.


Our Values

Proud & Ethical

We’re honest, kind and fair. We take care of every detail and take personal ownership in the business. We love what we do, we do the right thing, and because of this, we do ourselves proud.


Our Values

Ambitious & Energetic

We’re ambitious about what every member of our team can achieve and we develop our people so that they can accomplish it. We’re goal-focused and we inspire and excite in what we’re doing.

Our Social Commitment

Making positive change Within society

From our Living Wall which purifies the air around us by soaking up greenhouse gases and converting CO2 into oxygen, to choosing sustainable food suppliers for our menus, we’ve implemented a number of initiatives that contribute to the environment and society in a positive way. When it comes to our team, it goes without saying that we promote diversity and inclusion in recruitment.

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